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Feb 25 / Danielle Wright

11 Mundane Adulthood Tasks and How to Tackle Them Like a Pro!

Congrats and welcome to adulthood! Now that you’re an adult, there some really boring things that you have to do. So, here is how to go at each one of these tasks like a pro!


Sorting, stain removal, and drying. Oh my! If you’ve never done laundry before, it can be daunting. Will my socks turn pink? Will my favorite sweater come out two sizes smaller? What does this weird little symbol on the tag of my dress mean? Well here is a website that can help explain all of this to be sure you avoid any unfortunate mishaps!

Rent and Apartment Leases

So you’re moving out and getting your first apartment. Yay! But along with that awesome new place you also have to sign your first lease and start paying rent. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to signing your lease.

The most important thing to know as a renter is your right to an escrow account. If you have an issue with your landlord in relation to your apartment and are waiting for the realty dispute to be resolved, then you can put your rent money into an escrow account. The money is there for the landlord to see that you have the money to pay for rent, but it is not directly given to the landlord.


Perhaps the most boring and overall terrifying task of being an adult. Once you get a steady job and start to make enough yearly you’re going to have to pay taxes. You may be asking yourself: What is a W-2? What is a 1099? What is a tax bracket….do I have one of those? Here is all of the basic information you need to know on how to pay taxes and will answer all of those questions running through your head!

Getting an Oil Change

For those not well versed in cars, this can be intimidating. Your car’s manual tells you how often to get an oil change and what kind of oil to use (each car is a little different). Most cars require an oil change every 3,000-3,500 miles. There is no appointment needed for an oil change and it should only take about 15 minutes. It will typically cost you about $20-30 if you get a conventional oil change (non-synthetic oil).

Cooking meals that don’t come frozen or out of a box

While frozen meals and ramen are quick and easy meals, it is way cheaper and healthier to cook your own meals. Buy knowing what foods to buy and trying not to spend too much money can be difficult. Some of my favorite and easiest meals to make are as follows:

  • Anything involving eggs…omelets, scrambled, fried. They’re so easy to make and really filling.
  • Pasta…boil up some noodles and add some sauce. Done!
  • Soup…just heat up the soup from the can and you’re good to go!
  • English muffin pizza…toast up an English muffin, add some pizza sauce, some cheese, and some pepperoni. Pop it in a toaster oven or microwave to melt the cheese and you have a meal!
  • Baked potatoes…potatoes are super easy to make and are delicious!
  • Avocadoes…not really meal in itself, but you can put them on anything and they’re delicious and good for you!
  • Veggies…you can steam ‘em or sautee ‘em. Either way they’re great tasting and good for you.
  • French toast…bread, eggs, and a pan…so simple!
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls…again, not a meal within themselves, but you can make so many quick and easy meals with them!
  • Grilled cheese sandwich…toast, cheese, a pan…done!

Buying actual groceries at an actual grocery store

In order to cook these meals you will have to buy real groceries. There are a bunch of grocery stores you could go to, but being in college we’re all living on a budget and need to save money where possible. The best way to do that is to utilize coupons, rewards cards, store apps, and store brands. My favorite place to shop is Target. If you get the Cartwheel app, buy the Target brand, and get the RedCard debit card you can save sooo much money! There are coupons for everything and with the Target debit card you get 5% of your entire purchase every time you use it. Plus you can buy more than just groceries there, so it’s the perfect one stop shop!

Making your own appointments

Never fun or easy, but you have to do it. Write out what you want to say before you call. There is no way to really master this adult task, but you just have to do it.

Paying bills on time

As you get older the number of bills increases and keeping track of when everything is due can be tricky. You could always just set a reminder in your calendar to alert you when your bills are due. Or you can download a free app called Mint. It tracks your bills and will send you reminders when they are due. It’s great!

Budgeting your finances

Keeping track of your spending can be tedious and kinda of scary when you realize where all of your money is actually going (all of mine goes to overpriced coffee…it’s a problem). The same app mentioned above (Mint) is also extremely helpful in helping you to budget your finances. You can create your own categories and then set monthly spending limits for each. You hook it up to your debit card and when you make a purchase it will categorize and track your spending. Once you get close to your spending limit, the app will notify you.

Balancing your checkbook

Boring, but again important. If you’re anything like me you rely fully on your online banking app instead of balancing your checkbook…this is probably the worst habit ever! Sometimes the app messes up or a certain check or payment isn’t processed right away and you think you have more money than you really do and you end up overdrawing your account. Then you get slammed with a not so lovely NSF fee (or non-sufficient funds). After each purchase from your checking account you should write down your transaction and calculate the remaining balance in your account.

Jump starting your car

Again, something that if you are not great with cars can be kinda scary. If you’re driving and your car stalls, you need to know how to jump a car. Always be sure you have jumper cables in your car because the one time you don’t have them will be when you need them. Here’s a guide on how to properly and safely jump a car battery: