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May 24 / Aimee Moran

2018 Citizenship Conference Information

The 15th Annual Conference on Citizenship will take place April 12 – 14, 2018 at Wayne State University!

The topic is “Religion and Citizenship”. Much more information is available here, and the Call for Papers is available here.

If you have any questions, let us know at

May 23 / Aimee Moran

CSC and the Kettering Foundation




I am delighted to inform you that the Charles F. Kettering Foundation has named the Center for the Study of Citizenship as one of its centers for a democratic public life. This designation will enable the Center to send two representatives to the Kettering campus in Dayton to participate in a research and learning exchange on the introduction of deliberative practices into our communities. The foundation and its collaborators seek to answer one foundational question: “What does it take to make democracy work as it should?”

One of the Center’s participants in the Kettering exchange, Parada Jordan, will serve in a leadership role in the Center’s new Citizenship for Health project, for which Malcolm Cutchin (Professor and Chair, Health Care Services, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) and I serve as co-chairs. The mission of the project is to serve the citizens of Detroit by fostering processes of engagement and evaluation, especially those of democratic action and deliberation, that allow community-based citizenship to flourish for the sake of public health improvement. One of the goals is to become a hub for community-engaged research, beginning with health but with a goal of including all community-engaged research on campus.

The second Center participant in the Kettering exchange, Amy Bloom, social studies consultant for Oakland Schools, plays a leadership role in the Center’s new Citizen Dialogues, promoting discussion of controversial issues with a goal of informed, civil discussion, listening and problem-solving. It seeks to burst some of the civic “bubbles” that most Americans inhabit. In October, we launched the dialogues with a discussion of gun rights and gun violence. Keep an eye out in our next newsletter for details about the second dialogue, on immigration.

As you look forward to a new year and consider charitable donations, please consider a gift to the Center. Executive Board member emeritus, Mike Loewe, and his wife Kathy have generously offered to match all New Year donations to the Center up to $15,000. More information is forthcoming, but please help to make this the Center’s best fundraising year. Here’s is the link to the Center’s “giving” page.

With best wishes for the new year ahead,

Marc Kruman