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Feb 2 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Mexican Casserole

This concoction is one that Ralph created and it features Mexican chorizo. Not only is is an incredibly flavorful dish, but easy and quick to prepare. This is a good brunch dish, and works well for parties. Serve with a little sour cream and/or fresh salsa, and enjoy!

Mexican Casserole Recipe


Jan 25 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Orange Pineapple ColorVision Cake

This recipe comes from a cake mix advertisement published in 1952. Cooking and baking with vintage recipes is a wonderful way to time-travel, and this cake not only came out beautifully, it was an enormous hit at party! Basically, it incorporates any flavored gelatin into the cake batter and frosting. The gelatin provides a subtle color and also imparts a fruity flavor. The cake’s frosting is a “cooked” frosting that takes a little effort but the results deliver a fluffy, light, marshmallowesque frosting that compliments the cake beautifully. So hop in the way-back machine and get a taste of 1952 with this Color-Vision cake!!


Orange Pineapple ColorVision Cake

Jan 13 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Creamed Spinach

This classic side dish delivers on the creamy texture with a mix of chopped spinach, shallots and garlic. This is very easy to make, especially if you use frozen chopped spinach, and is terrific with beef dishes, although it’s also good with chicken, turkey, ham and other meats. I always thought creamed spinach made for an elegant side dish, perhaps because I can remember some of the finer restaurants in Detroit serving this along side roast beef, prime rib and steaks. Even people who don’t care for spinach will have a second helping!


Creamed Spinach recipe


Dec 10 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Creamed Corn

A recent visit to Chicago took us to one of my favorite restaurants in the Windy City – Lawry’s The Prime Rib. While I don’t have meals like theirs very often, dining there is a real treat and always takes me back to the fine restaurants and steak houses I remember growing up. While the prime rib at Lawry’s is melt-in-your-mouth delicious, the side dishes are also incredible (desserts, too)! One of the sides that I enjoyed this time around was the creamed corn, and I think it is among the best I’ve ever tasted. Inspired by my dinner at Lawry’s, I tried to recreate the creamed corn for Thanksgiving. I think I came pretty close!

Creamed Corn recipe

Nov 9 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Roast Pork Loin

This pork loin was on sale at my local market and it seemed to be a perfect main course for dinner on a cool autumn day. Make a rub using your favorite seasonings, a quick sear on top of the stove, and then roast in the oven. Not only did it provide dinner, but many delicious sandwiches the next couple of days!


Roast Pork Loin Recipe

Nov 2 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Roasted Beets and Squash

With a bountiful Michigan harvest of wonderful food this fall comes these acorn and butternut squash and beets, perfect for roasting! All that is needed is a hot oven and some basic seasoning – even people who say they don’t like beets and squash can’t resist the goodness of these hearty vegetables!

Roasted Beets and Squash recipe

Oct 20 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Apple Crisp

It’s high apple season here in Michigan and we’ve been seeing wonderful Michigan apples by the crates! As much as we love apple pie, we thought we do something different and make an apple crisp – and it’s much less work than making a pie but still brings home all the apple goodness!


Apple Crisp recipe

Oct 14 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Cauliflower Custard

It may not seem common to have “cauliflower” and “custard” in the same thought, but this recipe provides a different way of enjoying this often maligned vegetable. While there are many ways to prepare cauliflower,  this method is unique and works equally well with broccoli, too. Setting the vegetable in a custard base provides a savory, yet delicate, side dish that can also be elegantly dressed up with a little garnish or grated cheese.

Cauliflower Custard recipe

Oct 6 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Diner Inspired Fried Chicken

A recent trip to the Culinary Arts Museum in Providence, Rhode Island featured lots of diner memorabilia, including an authentic diner car and lots of diner menus from all over the country. Not only was this museum a lot of fun, it got us thinking about all the wonderful food that have been diner staples for decades. Some might call this “comfort food” or “stick to your ribs” food, but this is classic American fare that many of us grew up on, whether it came out of mom or grandma’s kitchen or from a roadside or neighborhood diner.

We’ve featured many dishes like this on Cavalcade of Food over the years because, frankly, this is very much the food we enjoy the most and how I generally cook at home. Pot roast, meatloaf, pork chops, macaroni and cheese, Swiss steak, roast turkey, etc. are examples of recipes that we have shared. But looking at the many diner menus at the Culinary Arts Museum, one commonly found offering was fried chicken. While many consider this a Southern dish, it is not unusual to find it on a diner menu regardless of location.

So here is a simple, basic, and classic fried chicken that is fairly easy to make at home without the benefit of a deep fryer. You get a nice, crispy skin while the inside is moist and tender – and the wonderful chicken goodness really shines through!

Fried Chix recipe

Sep 9 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Bacon Tots

These smoky and sweet treats make great appetizers or hors d’oeuvres and are easy to prepare. Use your favorite style of tater tot and wrap with a piece of bacon, then roll it in a mixture of brown sugar, chili powder and pepper. Bake until crisp and enjoy!


Bacon Tots recipe