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Aim Higher

May 24 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Sauteed Garlic Spinach

Another CoF Quickee – a fresh and delicious side dish that is fast and easy to make! You just need a little olive oil, garlic, fresh spinach and seasoning! Sure to please any spinach lover!


May 9 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Orange Banana Smoothie

This simple but delicious smoothie is quick and easy to make, especially in a powerful vintage blender! We look at the ways to make a banana smoothie and take a tour of the vintage Waring Blendor that we use for the recipe.


Apr 5 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Easy Brownies Two Ways

Our 200th episode!!!

Using boxed brownie mix as a starter, we made two variations that were big hits at a party: coconut brownies and peanut butter brownies! Brownies are always popular, and there are countless ways to dress them up and customize the flavors. Quick, easy and delicious, these moist brownies didn’t last long!!

Mar 6 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Vintage Appliance Tour: 1963 Westinghouse Terrace Top Range

We are trying to do more “tours” of the vintage appliances we use on Cavalcade of Food. This range makes regulars appearances in the videos, and I always get a lot of questions and comments about it: a 1963 Westinghouse Terrace Top range. Here we take a closer look at this wonderful vintage range.


Feb 20 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Making Hard-Boiled Eggs

For many, hard boiling an egg seems simple, but many people have asked about a method with good results. While there are many techniques, this is the way I hard boil eggs. The eggs cook completely, the yolks are fluffy and bright yellow, and the eggs peel easily.

Jan 25 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake

Taking a little help from a box of cake mix, this double chocolate Bundt cake features bits of candied orange peel. Easy to prepare – and you can omit the orange peel or substitute with dried fruit, nuts, coconut, etc. This cake feeds a large group and has always been a crowd pleaser. Top with a dusting of powdered sugar or an easy glaze. You will also get a video tour of the vintage Hamilton Beach Model G mixer used to prepare the cake!

Dec 14 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Apricot Thumbprint Cookies

These cookies are a holiday tradition for us, but they are a welcome treat anytime of year! These feature a buttery cookie coated in chopped nuts with an apricot center! You could make these with any kind of preserves that you prefer, but the apricot is a nice change from the ordinary. Easy to make and even easier to eat and enjoy


Dec 8 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Creamy Mushroom Rice

A great side dish and easy to make in one pot, this rice has a robust mushroom flavor and creamy texture. You can make it using a variety of rices and mushrooms, and it’s hearty enough to serve on its own for those who really love mushrooms!


Nov 9 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Curry Squash Soup

Celebrate autumn with this seasonal savory soup that uses butternut squash. It can easily be made vegetarian, and can be done start to finish in under an hour. It can also be made with or without curry, but either way this soup is perfect for a crisp fall day!


Nov 2 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Cheese Garlic Biscuits

These buttery and savory biscuits are like the ones offered at a national seafood chain restaurant, but completely homemade and easy to make! Warm from the oven, they combine garlic and sharp cheddar, and are tender and light! Great with any meal!