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Sep 20 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Oatmeal Pie

This is a super-easy pie to put together and a great option when you don’t have any fresh fruit to use for a filling. It delivers a nice, oatmeal flavor. The pie isn’t too sweet, so it pairs well with fresh whipped cream or ice cream, and only requires a handful of ingredients.

Oatmeal Pie recipe

Sep 1 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food: Cooking for 100 at the “Wash-In”

Wash In Cook In article




Aug 10 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Rhubarb Pineapple Pie

This is a great combination of flavors…tart rhubarb and sweet pineapple. They go well together and if you have a lot of rhubarb left in the freezer from the early summer harvest this is a good way to use it! A fairly simple pie to make and unusual enough to be an interesting offering for your guests. Great on its own or with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Pineapple Rhubarb Pie recipe

Jul 20 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Whole Wheat Bread

Here is a simple two-loaf recipe for a good tasting whole wheat bread. It includes a little molasses, which deepens the flavor. This bread is great on sandwiches and is excellent toasted. While the recipe isn’t complicated, the process takes about 3 hours from start to finish as the dough needs to rise twice.

Whole Wheat Bread recipe

Jul 6 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Savory Broiled Chicken

This dish – inspired from an old French recipe – puts your broiler to use when cooking this flavorful chicken. Basted in butter and browned, and then coated with a Dijon based glazed and rolled in breadcrumbs, and broiled again. A nice departure from the usual baked chicken and it delivers a wonderful tangy and savory flavor.

Savory Broiled Chicken recipe 2

Jun 20 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Annual Stove Exchange: Kelvinator to Frigidaire


Kelvinator Frigidaire Stove Exchange 1Kelvinator Frigidaire Stove Exchange 2


Jun 6 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Coconut Pound Cake

This is a good, moist, old-fashioned pound cake flavored with a little lemon and coconut. You can also use the base recipe and then flavor it anyway you like. Great on it’s own, or it can be glazed or served with fruit and/or ice cream.

.Coconut Pound Cake recipe

Jun 1 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Cream of Mushroom Soup

Making cream of mushroom soup from scratch is not difficult and delivers a flavor so much more robust and satisfying than anything you could find in a can. Serve this as a first course, or just on its own along with some good bread and butter!


Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe

May 17 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Molasses Cookies

These soft and “cakey” cookies are and old-fashioned classic treat. They are not overly sweet, so they go great with coffee or tea, and have a wonderful molasses and ginger flavor. This recipe makes a big batch. They freeze well if you have leftovers!

Molasses Cookies recipe

May 10 / Kevin Piotrowski

Cavalcade of Food – Sloppy Joes

Here’s a version of this classic American sandwich that includes a few of the traditional ingredients and a few of our own additions. Great for parties, this is a large recipe that can be easily cut in half. Sloppy Joes are also good to make in advance, keep warm on the stove or in a slow cooker and let everyone help themselves!


Sloppy Joes recipe