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Jun 6 / Susan Crowley

Kent Intermediate School District – Health Education Specialist

V A C A N C Y  N O T I C E

Job Title:        Health Education Specialist
Professional, Year-round, 260 day position

Provide technical assistance to consultants, teachers and school administrators implementing health curriculum and prevention programs.  Provide technical support for local, state and federal grant funded programs.

Category: Student Support Services/Health Education
Date Posted: 6/5/2014
Location: Kent ISD
Date Closing: 06/16/2014, 4pm

Kent Intermediate School District
2930 Knapp, NE – Grand Rapids, MI 49525 – ph: 616.364.1333

Job Qualifications:   

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Health, Science, Health Education, Public Health Administration or related field.
  2. Collaborate with consultants to implement multiple complex grant funded programs & services
  3. Implement programs and services designed by grant directors and coordinators
  4. Plan and implement professional development services
  5. Plan and coordinate teen leadership programs and services
  6. Provide instruction to educators in program requirements, curriculum & social media resources
  7. Provide instruction in nutrition education lessons for community agencies
  8. Assist program directors & coordinators in financial management of multiple funding sources
  9. Design & maintain desktop information management systems to track staffing, purchasing, products, services, expenditures and financial management records for multiple funding agencies
  10. Communicate and work directly with federal and state grant control officers
  11. Implement complex evaluation plans and services designed by consultants and contractors
  12. Implement pre and post data collection processes required for local, state, federal agencies
  13. Create social media sites and services to provide resources and communicate with constituents using: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Weebly, Youtube, texting and other media services
  14. Proficiency in creating and managing products in Google Docs
  15. Proficiency in creating instructional and program resources in Microsoft Office software including: Word, Excel & Power Point
  16. Design and maintain online program support services & curriculum resources
  17. Provide direction to student volunteers, interns and employees
  18. Recruit educators and help maintain their participation in grant funded programs
  19.  Initiate purchase requisitions, generate and analyze reports in MUNIS
  20. Maintain detailed program, staffing and financial records for multiple funding agencies

Knowledge, skills, and Abilities Required:   

  1. Regular and predicable attendance is essential
  2. Ability to plan, organize & manage multiple responsibilities, tasks and timelines
  3. Ability to develop effective working relationships with staff & educators in local districts
  4. Ability to plan and prepare health education materials
  5. Ability to communicate effectively with local district educators about program requirements
  6. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
  7. Self-directedness and initiative when given a variety of tasks and responsibilities

Salary or Range:
     $33,000-$37,000 per year

Benefits:  Excellent benefit package includes medical, dental, vision; sick and vacation days; retirement program
To Apply:  Kent Intermediate School District manages employment applications online. Applications must be completed online at
No hardcopy applications/resumes will be accepted for this position. Computer terminals are available in the Kent ISD Educational Service Center lobby from 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday-Friday, for applicant use.

Posting Date:      June 5, 2014
Deadline for Application:   June 16, 2014 at 4:00pm
The final candidate for this position will be required (at their cost) to furnish Kent Intermediate School District with a current Michigan State Police and FBI criminal records LiveScan check prior to our recommendation to hire