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Project 2, Part 4: Design

Basic – 1

Basic – 2

Classic – 1

Classic – 2

Classic – 3

Posted by Brittany Vadalabene on October 4, 2012
  1. 10/18/2012

    I will definitely check her out. She seems like my kind of designer!

  2. 10/5/2012

    sorry, one last thought…. i would LOVE it, if you would begin to try and connect some of your interests OUTSIDE of design (music, feminism, travel) to your interests IN design…. there is a highly influential designer named Shelia Levrant de Bretteville, who is known for merging her political perspective, largely influenced by feminism, with a design practice….

  3. 10/5/2012

    on another note, this blog is quickly becoming a very interesting place to visit… keep going, keep uploading, keep writing, use this as a space to develop a critical voice on type and on design…. good work!

  4. 10/5/2012

    hey brittany, this is great that you;ve got this up here to view. you should see if you can drive people to look at this. give them some context for what you are doing — copy the brief / project description — and seek feedback!

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