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stephanie’s letterform

gui Groupofletters

a truly elegant letterform for this modern typeface. what gives it this sense of grace is the slanted counter that stems from the baseline; it compliments the curvature of the stem as well as the finial at the x-height and the hook-like serif or finial on the descender. the placement of the letter between f and g provides a smooth transition from a primarily verti-linear letter with an ascender to a very round and complex letter with a descender. gui, the created letterform, finds a happy medium between these two contrasting letters through the combination of a vertical stem with curved anatomical parts growing from it. gui is unique to the rest of the alphabet because of the slanted-axis counter

looking at the letter by itself, without being between f and g, i almost see it working beautifully as a capital letter or a letterform that sits on the baseline and rises to the cap-height. it could work either way. i think what may have persuaded my mind to think that way may have been the half cross bar which sits on the baseline… it resembles the placement of the crossbar on a lowercase t or f.

there are a few craft issues that could simply be fixed by creating a smoother outline for the letter in the weight of the stroke. other than that, the letter  is successful in creating a new, fitting letterform. it also could be easily writer, added to the believability.

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Posted by Brett Maciag on February 19, 2013

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