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ladies in bodoni

The photo is a still from a video I shot about a week ago for my class with Fritz Haeg and Erik Troffkin. I was playing around in photoshop with photos and stills from the shoot, and thought about a “Detroit Vogue”, and what that would be like……. Knowing that Vogue uses Bodoni in its title,  I made this little montage.  I just bought a decent 35mm film camera, and have lots of expired film (courtesy of FUJI), and since then I started taking photos of my friends in our natural habitats outside of home such as City Club, and Temple Bar……. It’s just a small side project but i’m hoping it will be a little fashion magazine, showing crazy outfits, and costumes from vogueing events we go to/ participate in + more.  Of course i’ll be using “sexy” typography to describe or name the spread etc.

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Posted by Bianca Ibarlucea on October 4, 2012
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  1. 10/4/2012

    umm, what is this… what’s going on here. …. elaborate!

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