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Oct 2 / Brian

Project 2: Final

In my opinion, this project gave me a better understanding of the versatility and form that makes Adobe Garamond Pro what it is. After working with this project for a couple of weeks, I feel that I am more familiar with the font and the characteristics of its letter parts. Brain storming the different words that define the font really opened my mind to the many ways people feel when they look at Adobe Garamond Pro.  This project was a challenge for me but I feel that it had a positive impact on me.

camilleri_brian_porject_2_edits_rcamilleri_brian_porject_2_edits_icamilleri_brian_porject_2_edits_bcamilleri_brian_porject_2_edits_bicamilleri_brian_porject_2.2_camilleri_brian_porject_2.3_editcamilleri_brian_porject_2.4.2fasdfdfdw4grhstjdy_edit camilleri_brian_porject_2.4.2fw4grhstjdy_edit camilleri_brian_porject_2.4.2_edit camilleri_brian_porject_2.4_editcamilleri_brian_porject_2.finalpart22_edit camilleri_brian_porject_2.finalpart2_edit


words This is a link to all the words I came up with for the brain storm.

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