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Visual Confections by Tufte ~ Notes

  • A story is a progression of noun-verb incidents.
  • A confection is an assembly of many visual events, brought together and juxtaposed. They tell us another story.
  • Structures that organize information should be transparent, straightforward, obvious, natural, ordinary, conventional – with no need for hesitation or questioning on the part of the reader. – Some ‘confections’ can just be way too complicated!
  • Visual confections tend to use compartments and imagined scenes to combine imagery into one piece.
  • Descriptions of confections seem to provoke the language of miracles, as familiar elements find renewed meaning in astonishing arrangements…
  • Confection-makers cut, paste, construct, and manage miniature theaters of information – a cognitive art that serves to illustrate an argument, make a point, explain a task… narrate a story.
Posted by Amanda Fairchild on February 8, 2013

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