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If you don’t already know, I am slightly  obsessed with Marian Bantjes’ work. Her outlook on Graphic Design and the fluidity and tenderness behind her designs are just amazing to me. I’m probably going to use her as one of the parts for my Primer, Project, Practice project for GD2. Her designs are so flawless and beautiful, you can tell how much time and effort she put into it, which is what I admire. Nowadays a clean, simple look is desired, but I think this ornamentalizing of design has lost so much respect and is something that should be clinged onto, as Marian Bantjes is doing. She talks about ‘getting lost’ in her designs and being so absorbed in her work that she doesn’t notice anything else going on, which I think is something (as artists) we all strive for when creating something, and I agree that making these decorative designs is something you can definitely get lost in. I haven’t tried my hand yet at creating some decorative, ornamental designs such as these but if I had more free time in my life then I definitely would.. I guess I need to make time for it!



Posted by Amanda Fairchild on January 23, 2013

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