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Beautiful Typography

I really enjoy embellished fonts like this. I love all of the tiny details, it’s so amazing and interesting to look at. This is very classical and traditional looking, probably appealing to an older or more sophisticated crowd. The pure black and gold also emphasize the sophisticated-ness of the wine.

Posted by Amanda Fairchild on October 25, 2012
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  1. 10/29/2012

    wow. super nice… thank you for uploading that…amanda, please check out Marian Bantjes, right now!!! if you like this you’ll probably love her…. also, this blog is really looking good… i love that you’ve got your entries tagged… one request: can you please though, provide a *little* more reflective analysis… what do you enjoy about it… why is it so interesting? why do wine labels in particular feature this kind of type!? go deeper!

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