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Oct 8 / Ashley Ratusznik

type classification

humanist- calligraphy and movement of the hand

transitional/modern- abstract and less organic

SABON- (humanist/oldstyle) tschichold 1966, calligraphy

BASKERVILLE- (transitional) bakersville mid 18th century, sharp serifs, vertical axis, considered shocking when first introduced

BODONI-(modern) bodoni late 18th early 19th, radically abstract, thin straight serifs, vertical axis, sharp contrast of thick/thin strokes

CLARENDON-(egyptian/slab serif) 19th century, used for advertising, bold and decorative, heavy serifs

GILL SANS-(humanist sans serif) gill 1928, common in 20th century, humanist characteristics, calligraphic variations in line weight

HELVETICA-(transitional sans serif) Miedinger 1957, one of the worlds most widely used, uniform character similar to transitional serif letters, also referred to as “anonymous sans serif”

FUTURA-(geometric sans serif) renner 1927, built around geometric forms, O is a perfect circle, peaks of A and M are sharp triangles