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Apr 21 / Nicole Eley

Dead History: a lecture from Laurie Haycock Makela

This lecture was a memorial to Haycock-Makela’s husband, the late Scott Makela. The two were lecturers at CalArts and Cranbrook together.

Scott Makela is most well known for his font design. His most famous font is Dead History. He also designed the fonts used in the opening sequence of Fight Club and in Michael Jackson’s Scream music video. The font for Scream was a pioneer of 3D type styles.

All of his work from the lecture was made in the late 80’s through the 90’s, when Photoshop was just being introduced. He was fascinated with the program and experimented with it extensively. His work was aggressive and and unreadable, and was highly controversial.

Laurie also played some of Scott’s music for the audience, which was a mess of gritty, industrial grunge. It paralleled his design work: busy and potentially off-putting, yet the longer you listened to it/ viewed the design, the more you liked it.

Cranbrook Design: The New Discourse poster, 1990